The SJCC OSA sponsors scholarships for several deserving SJCC students. The total corpus fund is currently Rs. 1,54,30,000. The interest from this amount goes towards helping students who require financial assistance.

In 2023-24, students requiring financial assistance were invited to apply for academic scholarships. After shortlisting deserving students who excelled academically and required financial assistance, students were called for an interview with the SJCC OSA (along with their parents/guardians). Details of the scholarships given in 2023-24 are as below.

On the same page, please replace the existing spreadsheet with the following:

If anyone would like to contribute to the scholarship fund, please write to us at . You can also use the QR code below to make a contribution

The SJCC OSA has begun conducting a skills development course for 25 deserving students who need help financially. This course will help them be better prepared to secure a job.

The program began in November 2019 and is wholly sponsored by the Old Students' Association of SJCC. This program is being run through the CADD Centre Training Services. The students will also get a certificate from Skills Development - India.

The cost of the program is Rs.1,30,000 (Rs.5,000 per head + Rs.5,000 admin fees). We would need a corpus of about Rs. 14,00,000 for this program to continue to run every year. Currently, the amount received Rs.7,62,067 (of which Rs.1,30,000 has been used this year). If you would like to contribute to this corpus fund, please get in touch with us at

The contributions made to the corpus so far are as follows:

Batch of 67: 25,000 Batch of 81: 5,000 Batch of 82: 1,35,000 Batch of 84: 5,000
Batch of 86: 70,000 Batch of 88: 45,000 Batch of 90: 1,30,000 Batch of 91: 15,000
Batch of 92: 15,000 Batch of 93: 1,73,000 Batch of 95: 70,000 Batch of 96: 20,000
Batch of 97: 10,000 Batch of 98: 41,067 Batch of 99: 3,000